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  • Middle & High School Math

  • Honors/AP Math 

  • Essay & Creative Writing

  • general homework help

  • general science help & science projects

  • Test preparation, study & organizational habits

  • Entrance exam prep: ISEE, HSPT, SSAT

  • Test anxiety, academic apathy

  • Social emotional academic guidance.



We believe mentoring is important when it comes to growing teenagers, their academic experience, and their social-emotional wellness.

MathPsych works mentoring into tutoring meets to help students understand what it means to be a full-time learner and a social-emotional human trying to manage academic life. We encourage questions, curiosity, and conversation in all things academic. 


MathPsych seeks success in all we do and we encourage our students to do the same. Every student can be a good student. 

Through foundational and creative teaching MP helps students find confidence and merit in achieving better results, while nurturing an

imagination that supports students to function exceptionally on their own.

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Math Formulas
Classmates in the Library

MathPsych focuses on developing each individual student to their academic potential. MathPsychs are determined to strengthen foundational concepts and foster a growth mindset, building a positive & patient tutoring environment that is conducive to learning.

Tutoring meets are managed by Yashica Anderson, a long-time tutor/mentor and S.T.E.M. enthusiast who has a creative background in psychological and philosophical thinking. When not teaching, Yashica is writing science-fiction scripts and developing creative worlds based in our very own Universe.

She aims to help students better understand themselves and the world around them while encouraging their own personal philosophy towards academic achievement. Yashica understands that school can get rough so when the going gets tough, she just might try and use math to psych you up. 

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