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Image by Milad Fakurian

Creative STEM Consulting

Exclusive Services

An innovator, creative, and logistic at heart, MP's founder Yashica Anderson develops success using rich ideas, expert problem solving, and her vast imagination.


Tutoring at MP is a constant loop of giving and receiving knowledge. The skills strengthened through this loop combined with unique skills acquired through endeavors like screenwriting, allow Yashica to provide uncharacteristic consulting that can help any company or professional break free from creative and ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMath related constraints. 


Creative STEM consulting gives MP the opportunity to share the diverse, modern, and illuminating ideas that develop from engaging knowledge with youth. Our consulting stems from STEM, concepts that are apart of every industry and are difficult for many businesses to pinpoint on their own. 


MP consulting is for professional, institutions, studios, schools, and similar entities who want help reaching further outside the box and developing uniqueness. 

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