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Creative stem Consulting: as AI sprints forward.

The term consulting has morphed a bit over the last few years. Peaking in the finance world, that momentum flowed over into various fields, including creative ones, birthing creative consultants of all types: design, marketing, artistry, screenwriting, advertising…

It has been long known that creative minds launch further than stagnant ones. Innovation in business is one of few ways to stand out from the crowd and now, from technology. At a time when AI is leaping past us, authentic creative minds are more important than ever. Creative consulting at its core is one mind helping another get over some sort of design hurdle; a geometry problem. Or an algebra problem maybe, any sort of math problem (as we like to think of it).

The key to creative consulting is guiding the user to new paths and new ideas that are equivalent to their goals. Thankfully, there are many kinds of solutions that can lead to the same goal; it is not a matter of finding equivalency, but which solution works best to get there. With a spin in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), Creative s.t.e.m. Consulting (CsC) brings not only an eye for different kinds of problems, but the ability to think in a mindset of STEM related solutions, something that is not typically seen in this field. CsC allows for the reasoning of creative dilemmas in terms of reality, innovation, uniqueness, and eyes towards the future.

Creative stem Consulting at MathPsych seeks to fill in gaps with expert consulting available to all types of professionals. It is no secret that exercised creativity is an essential factor to the evolution of humans, which in turn becomes the evolution of business, technology, stories... As the natural mind of creativity begins to matter more than ever, it is important to fuel individual humans, not computers.

The tutoring profession can be a unique one. When executed successfully, results are not merely a conclusion of good teaching but of good connection. The good connections that are developed at MP (short for MathPsych) are made possible through a constant loop of learning and teaching, teaching and learning.

This loop mixed with a tutor’s individual experience and unique mindsets allows for the development into an MP~Creative stem Consultant, or MP~CsC.

It is hard to pin point exactly what makes an ah-mazing creative consultant, but when connection and innovation are strategically siphoned through a unique perspective, the results often come close. MP~CsCs have a mental comprehension like no other, allowing for help in diverse professional arenas.

Creative stem Consultants can help different kinds of professionals navigate through countless types of problems but every CsC has their knack in specific arenas. For example, an MP~CsC might have a skilled and innate personality to work with theorist, research scientists, and marketing philosophers in areas like modernizing their ideas, brightening structure/language, and helping bring feedback to reality. In contrast, another MP~CsC might excel in visual storytelling and creative writing with keen insight into the Hollywood film & television business, allowing her to help producers and studio executives navigate navigate through s.t.e.m related problems like world-building, salty sci-fi scripts, math-related endeavors such as story-constructing, STEM characterization, and new ideas.

MathPsych’s founding Creative stem Consultant, Yashica Anderson, is a mix of the scenarios above and an example of how looping together teaching with learning as a math educator and screenwriter can produce an unprecedented type of problem solver who can offer assistance to other experts in similar fields.

Consulting at it's BEST is helping. And the umbrella of help might actually be one of infinite depth. Or at least for as long as conscious beings are concerned. Creative stem Consulting is help that focuses on individual creative problems within what appears to be infinite solutions. MP~CsC give the kind of advice that we hope A.I.’s don’t ever quite figure out how to master…

By sharing our unique minds, giving creative methods, solving problems, and asking better questions, MP lends it's values through CsC. The time has come where human minds joining together to assess big problems is incredibly significant. These are big creative problems, like AI problems, the difficult part now will be out-creating the creators that we created.



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