Reading a Book

Kim B.

 "MathPsych has been amazing for both of our kids! [Yashica] really gets to know them and how they learn, then she works as best suits the child. Our kids actually look forward to tutoring! How many parents can say that? And the results have been wonderful, too!" – kim b. 

Online Class

Richelle K. 

I would like to strongly recommend my colleague, Yashica Anderson, for parents looking for an exceptional math tutor. Not only does Yashica have a thorough knowledge of mathematics, her teaching approach considers a variety of learning strategies together with individual personalities. Yashica’s personable yet professional approach exhibits the right balance of care and concern, boundaries and discipline, and measurable academic progress.

Biology Class

Cat M.

If I would have found Yashica when I was in middle school, I might have had a completely opposite and much more empowered experience with math! She is equal parts brilliant and sensitive, really able to listen to the student's experience and help them find the motivation to overcome their often negative experience with math and discover their power to work through challenges and succeed. She's the BEST!